SBR Winter Project “Build More Shelves”

Tiny Home Example


The Standard Bike Repair Winter Project called “Build More Shelves” is Working

Pictured behind the bike, next to the plant and above the washer and dryer is four shelves housing our Front Derailleur Collection. Front derailleurs come in many different variations.

More Shelves Means More Space for Useful Stuff to Put on Bikes

For Example: Finding the right derailleur can be a frustrating experience. When replacing a broken derailleur or building up a retrofit bike, the following specs need to be considered:

  1. whether there is room for a front derailleur; some dual suspension frames require “E-type front derailleurs” which wedge themselves between the bottom bracket and BB shell of the frame
  2. the pull direction of the cable: top-pull or bottom-pull. Some newer derailleurs can be pulled from either direction
  3. assuming the front derailleur is attached to the seat tube, the bar clamp width of the front derailleur needs to be matched to the seat tube: 28.6, 31.8, or 34.9mm
  4. the cassette that the chain was designed for: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 speed cassettes
  5. the maximum amount of teeth that the front derailleur is designed for
  6. how many chain rings on the crank: 1, 2 or 3
  7. the brand and make of the old front derailleur if replacing
  8. the weight of the front der if you have a choice
  9. whether it is a roadie or mountain bike and how great the jump is in teeth sizes of the chain rings
  10. does it work best when clamped above or below derailleur cage
  11. braze-on or not

Now that we have Shelves above the Washer/Dryer, we can Dedicate Space to Front Derailleurs

And when it is “Time to order Parts for the Week”, a simple eye-ball of what is there and what is missing can save time and show us gaps in our inventory. We don’t mind if it is used or new. As long as it works and fills the hole, we are happy to have “just one” in stock.

If you need a front derailleur, we sell them for $12. Call Ryan at 720-837-8984 or come by 1823 Marine St for a tour of the used and new parts.

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In a Small Bike Shop, all you need is one part to fulfill request