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Wheels For Sale in Boulder plus Wheel Building Classes

IMG 1740 150x150 Wheels, Wheels, Wheels


 At Standard Bike Repair, we have wheels, rims, hubs, spokes, nipples and Wheel Building Classes for sale.



Black rimmed Black Ops BMX Wheel with 36 Black Spokes. The front wheel’s axles is a 10mm bolt-on axle, not a quick release system with a hole in the axle. The BMX riders need all the strength that they can get. These wheels are great for kids bikes too. If it isn’t already a single speed, we can make it one. The Weinmann rim, 20″ x 1.75/2.125″, has an ERTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organization) measurement of 406 x 24. In layman’s terms, the Weinmann rimmed wheel is set up for 20″ tires with a width ranging from 1 3/4 inches and 2 7/64 inches. The 20″ x 1.75 works best for Making the Product Easy to Sell, but not best for Wheel Builders, thus the ERTO was formed to rationalize the minute differences in specs. The ISO, International Standards Organization, adopted the full set of rules with no alterations. The Alloy Double-Walled rim has silver nipples with an unknown metal. Quando Bearing Shield, standard bearings. The14mm thick bolt-axle for the rear wheel has a 9 tooth cog. The Estimated Rim Diameter is 393mm and the profile is 18mm. Front Wheel Only: $30, Set: $55

IMG 1832 150x150 Wheels, Wheels, Wheels


This set of wheels has black nipples too. It is a pair of circles for the ninja cross-country disc rider. Non-machined sidewall rims have smooth edges. These wheels aren’t for the rider who thinks they will rid their disc brakes for rim brakes someday. This is for the rider who wants a new set of wheels to go single tracking riding with a major upgrade in wheels. Wheels go to junk over time for the serious mountain biker. If it is time for new wheels on your 26″ disc braked mountain bike, these can support a 7, 8 or 9sp cassette. The quick release system makes it easy to make adjustments and pack it in a car to take to the Colorado Sourdough Trail or Moab. Link to the full specs. For some reason that is good, because who wants to see decals, there are no stickers or brand markings anywhere on the hub or rim. They may have came from outer space. However, this site claims to have built it. Apparently, there were out of branded stickers to put on them, the manpower to carefully install or the desire to keep them all black with dashes of silver and no advertisements to brag about their workings for future potential buyers that pick them up and say “If only the company put their label on it, I would know where to buy more of these for my bike shop.” Finding good brands to buy at value prices is a score. Knowing which brands do which components best is a big task given the massive number of parts to choose from. The full spec sheet is here. Front Wheel Only: $70, Set: $115


To illustrate how important it is to know “How to Buy Quality Bike Parts at Value Prices”, I posed Google the following still un-answered question: “How many bicycle companies are there on Earth?”. Since the 1st page of snippets didn’t show me what I really wanted, I got distracted by the shiny object called: “How many bicycles are there in the world?”


Einstein couldn’t prove it. It is a guess, by me, Ryan Kelley. The information available in the footnotes below is non-authoritative and doesn’t offer any data to support the Based on No Evidence hypothesis above.

The predictors predict an end of fossil fuel for vehicles and machines someday.

Thought exercise: What happens to Americans when the cost of a gallon fuel is greater than the Minimum Wage?

Obviously, it would be nice to know “when” if the conjecture, “We will run out of gas for our cars,” is a certainty and not an “if”.

Since “What Happens when we Run Out of Fuel” appears to be a possibility that is at least worth exploring in discussion, we shall nominate the topic to be discussed by the WorldWide Backup Plan Committee. I don’t know who is in it. But I would like to be on that team. I wonder if there is a specialized forum on the web discussing Plan B’s for Earth. They may have already started the discussion on “What happens to People Inside Cities when we run out of Easily Distributed Fuel” .

As a bike shop owner who knew nothing about bikes beyond “How to Ride a Bike” when he started the business, the idea that bikes are useful now and will be in his forseeable lifetime was present in the “Yes Decision of I-Want-To-Start-This-Business-Focused-on-Bike-repair”.

If we do run out of fossil fuels for cars, it will just be another Worldwide Calamity. Moving beyond the dependence on fuel to get to work as fast and intelligently as possible will be necessary. Ruckus would almost certainly ensue. What does that look like: the World Running out of Gas.

If and when Much Less Fuel does happen, having an equal amount of bikes as there are Citizens on Earth would be great. If Earth never runs out of car fuel, then the Standard Bike Repair idea that we might be forced to transport ourselves almost-exclusively on bikes, thus the SBR business services of Teaching Bike Repair and Repairing Bikes will always be relevant in Ryan’s lifetime and at least a few generations beyond.

Running out of fuel hasn’t happened, so our bicycles in America are used by people to commute from place to place. Because cycling is fun, and sometimes faster than cars, subways, taxis, boat or walking. It is cheaper to Move you from Point A to Point B. If the cyclist has good health to move him or herself on a bike from A to B and the terrain is navigable, the range of travel by force of time is great.


Would our businesses and home turn to farmland since it would be cost prohibitive to ship food?

I have been hearing for years that we will run out, but the cars keep going. I still see traffic in the neighborhood, on the news and hear about it from my cousins in other states. In my lifetime, car driving will seemingly pass on forever, unless it doesn’t. If we run out of fuel, we will be forced to work closer to our home and rely on bikes for transportation of humans and cargo.

Full Discussion on Plan B’s for Earth are discussed in the WorldWide Backup Plan Committee’s online forum. As soon as I find that link. We all know Google has the answer or does it?

As a philosophy minor in college, I forgot a lot that happened in those dense books of esoteric though, but John Milton stood out as a Man with a Simple Name and Some Simple Ideas on Political Things. He said “Discussion is the Most Important Thing for Humans to Rationally Progress through Problems of Civilization”.


I need to do more research on this question. However, Davidson Lewis from Green Guru, has been known to energize an automatic sewing machine by hooking it up to a rider riding a bike. The charge can be stored in a car battery or directly transferred to the tailor running the sewing machine.


To find the answer to: ”How many thousands of bicycle related businesses exist in the world?” The whole point of this thesis came about because I wanted to impress the readers with a number in the thousands that indicated the Quantity of Bike Businesses on Earth. If you want to be impressed with the number of bike businesses in Boulder and slightly beyond, take a look at this SBR link here. 

According to one of the website below in the blog footer, there are Three Major Search Engine Databases. They are operated by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. I bet some questions are easier to find in others based on luck or better Mathematical Spiders. Google as thus far not given up the answer.


Bikes are efficient machines. They are easy and cheap to fix.

Even in places without 70 different bike businesses in a given locale, bike are abound. They are in garages and leaning on trees. And being ridden by everybody from children to the end of the road.


If you did not have an ox to plow the field; a welding machine and spare bikes could lead to an indomitable Heaving Dirt Machine. In 2013, it is probably easier to weld a Rigged Plow Based on the Bicycle than find a good ox. Being in the middle of an urban area, the first thing that I think of is: Which Search Engine Should I use to find the dopest, strongest, meanest, nicest-to-me ox with a kind heart and loves to work winning attitude in this whole wide city or beyond in the fields? It might not be a major database, but a local stock show website with an In-house Search Function Portal.

I hear the National Western Stock Show will be in Denver, January 11-26 2014. Maybe, I can get an ox there.

IMG 1845 150x150 Wheels, Wheels, Wheels


Shimano S8 hubbed rim for a 26″ 7/8/9sp cassette rear wheel. The spacing is 135mm. The rim is from Earth Cannondale and has a 32 tooth spoked rim. Rear wheel only available: $56


We have hubs, rims, and spokes to make wheels from scratch. Colored spokes from Soma available as well as DT Swiss Competition 2.0 straight pull spokes and for the economic choice, we have Wheel Master 14G in sliver and black. Colored spokes are $3 per one spoke and coming soon, $2 per spoke when you build a whole wheel of 32 or 36 spokes or $1.75 per spoke if you build a set of wheels. Individual DT Swiss spokes are $1.75. Wheel Master spokes are $1.

Link to our Wheel Building page. 

IMG 3671 150x150 Wheels, Wheels, Wheels


We have recycled hubs for just about everything. From a basic 26″ Shimano front wheel hub with a quick release to rear wheels with coaster brakes, we have closer to seventy different hubs to choose from. We will teach you how to refurbish the hub via cleaning, replacement of the axle, cone and bearings if necessary and how to identify the different types. Used hubs range from $12 to $30


Rims that we have in stock include a white rim from the Origin 8 Track Attack line with a deep 41mm dish. The ISO is 622, ERD 559, weighs 760g, a 20mm width of the rim and is a 700c wheel. Rim only: $28 We have one in green too. It is $35 and is in better shape than the white one which could use a good clean. Weinmann and Sun rims in 26″, 700c and 27″ in 32 hole and 36 hole spoke rims with prices ranging from $18 to $40

Sometimes, you need an upgrade in wheels like building your own or the above 26″ disc wheels, other times, you just need a new one to replace the one that you have. For instance, the Weinmann 519 rim is 26 x 1.5″ with a 10mm rear axle with a nut and bolt rig. We have two versions of the front wheel in stock, one with a a quick release lever and the other with a bolt-on style. The ERTO is 559 x 19 and the color of the rim is dusted alloy. Quando Bearings, 14 G spokes. The wheel set is stocked with single walled rims. We have a double wall rim available for the front if desired. Both wheels have 36 spokes. Front Wheel Only: $32, Set: $55



Typically we don’t brag about the wheels in the yard. Somehow, they got donated, found or picked off other bikes. A lot of them have problems like bent rims or glued axles and bearings. We keep old wheels because there are many valuable spokes, rims, hubs and nipples on them. This particular wheel is in very good shape, albeit with a skid of brake rubber on the rim because the cyclist attempted to use the wheel with a rim brake rather than the disc that it was designed for. The Kirk Pacenti P35 Velocity Rim for a 29er bike is on sale for $27. The 160mm 6 bolt disc designed for the wheel is $7. It is a Shimano XT front wheel hub. Spokes and nipples are black.

IMG 1853 150x150 Wheels, Wheels, Wheels

Recycled and Not Refurbished Wheels in the Yard that Work: $15

To buy or build a wheel, find our email contact at http://www.standardbikerepair.com, call Ryan @ 720-837-8984 or visit Boulder’s bike shop in a home at 1823 Marine St., Boulder, CO 80302

IMG 1668 150x150 Wheels, Wheels, Wheels


IMG 1555 150x150 Wheels, Wheels, Wheels


SBR Winter Project “Build More Shelves”

Tiny Home Example


The Standard Bike Repair Winter Project called “Build More Shelves” is Working

Pictured behind the bike, next to the plant and above the washer and dryer is four shelves housing our Front Derailleur Collection. Front derailleurs come in many different variations.

More Shelves Means More Space for Useful Stuff to Put on Bikes

For Example: Finding the right derailleur can be a frustrating experience. When replacing a broken derailleur or building up a retrofit bike, the following specs need to be considered:

  1. whether there is room for a front derailleur; some dual suspension frames require “E-type front derailleurs” which wedge themselves between the bottom bracket and BB shell of the frame
  2. the pull direction of the cable: top-pull or bottom-pull. Some newer derailleurs can be pulled from either direction
  3. assuming the front derailleur is attached to the seat tube, the bar clamp width of the front derailleur needs to be matched to the seat tube: 28.6, 31.8, or 34.9mm
  4. the cassette that the chain was designed for: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 speed cassettes
  5. the maximum amount of teeth that the front derailleur is designed for
  6. how many chain rings on the crank: 1, 2 or 3
  7. the brand and make of the old front derailleur if replacing
  8. the weight of the front der if you have a choice
  9. whether it is a roadie or mountain bike and how great the jump is in teeth sizes of the chain rings
  10. does it work best when clamped above or below derailleur cage
  11. braze-on or not

Now that we have Shelves above the Washer/Dryer, we can Dedicate Space to Front Derailleurs

And when it is “Time to order Parts for the Week”, a simple eye-ball of what is there and what is missing can save time and show us gaps in our inventory. We don’t mind if it is used or new. As long as it works and fills the hole, we are happy to have “just one” in stock.

If you need a front derailleur, we sell them for $12. Call Ryan at 720-837-8984 or come by 1823 Marine St for a tour of the used and new parts.

Inventory Space in a Boulder Bike ShopBicycle Handlebars that can be used for mountain bikes, road bicycles, hybrids, single speed rides and cruisers.Constant Carpentry is a key to building a bike shopUsed Bike Parts For Sale in BoulderChain Rings in Boulder Bike Shop

In a Small Bike Shop, all you need is one part to fulfill request

Fun with Outboard Bearings


The first one

This is the beginning. I am going to tell the stories of building a business. The first one is about Grant. The second one is Standard Bike Repair which specializes in event planning and The 42 Point Basic Tune-up with a free t-shirt.

Last year, I started a business while dreaming at Atlas Purveyors Tea. I was drinking coffee and sampling the nosh.

All the countries in the book had a resource or three such as cotton or rubber that they concentrated on and drew up.

There were few stockpiles of riches per culture and nation, unlike the United States.

It is easy to create a business when the resources are plentiful. Thus, a bike repair business was born in Boulder, Colorado.

Forcing is the antithesis.

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